Why Is Prayer So Important?

As we look at prayer this year, it is important to remember why we pray. It might seem pointless to us because, “your Father knows what you need before you ask Him” (Matthew 6.8). Even after this, though, Jesus tells us how we ought to pray.

Paul wrote to the Philippian Christians, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God” (Philippians 4.6). In this verse and its context, Paul tells us, by inspiration, why we pray.

  1. It helps us to remember that the Lord is near (Philippians 4.5). He stands ready to help us.
  2. It helps us deal with our worries when we remember that God has promised that He will take care of us (Matthew 6.31-33). It can reinforce in our own minds that we depend on Him, not Mammon, to fulfill our needs.
  3. It helps us to remember that everything is His; that’s why we know He is the one who provides for our needs.
  4. It is by prayer that we give thanks to God for His blessings.

But there is more than just the physical blessings that come out of prayer. God blesses all men, the evil and the good, the righteous and the unrighteous, with them (Matthew 5.45). We are different because we understand He gives those who are in Christ every spiritual blessing as well (Ephesians 1.3).

  1. He gives us a peace which the human mind can’t fully comprehend. This blessing comes to us through our fellowship with one another in Christ. We are to love one another (John 13.34) and help one another with our burdens (Galatians 6.2). We can do that by praying for one another (James 5.16).
  2. He guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. As we pray to Him, we can ask for the forgiveness that we need. He will grant that forgiveness (1 John 1.9), and we can have peace knowing that we are kept for that eternal reward (1 Peter 1.3-5).

As you pray, remember that the Lord is always nearby, providing for you physically and spiritually. Prayer is his provision for us emotionally.

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